Unclaimed Deposits / Inoperative Accounts

Process of claiming the Unclaimed Deposits / activating the Inoperative Accounts

  • Account holders (including all joint holders) or claimants will have to approach the nearest Baghat Bank Branch in India in person

  • For Individual accounts - Original Photo ID document, Address Proof & Color photograph has to be furnished {i.e. copy of Aadhar Card / Passport / Ration Card / Driving License / Voter ID (Any one)}

  • Details of account number / deposit that are in your name and are included in the list above, along with a copy of pass book/deposit receipt.

  • Copy of PAN card

  • Copy of latest utility bill (Telephone / Electricity / Gas / Any one)

  • Self-attested copy of your latest address proof along with the original.

  • For Entities - Entity’s proof of existence in original and Address Proof in original to be furnished, in addition to the documents for Individual related to such entities as explained above. For claim of non-individual accounts, the customer needs to submit the Claim Form on the Company’s/ firm’s /institution’s letterhead duly signed by the authorized signatories along with their valid identity and address proofs. The customer may also be required to submit such other documents as may be requested by the Bank. For any further guidance on documentation, our Bank By Phone service or Branches may be contacted

  • A letter requesting to re-activate your account

  • Should any of these accounts belong to a deceased person, then the Nominee or the Successor should approach the nearest Baghat Bank Branch for further guidance.

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Form for claiming the amount in unclaimed deposit duly completed in all respect (Click to download form)