Debit Card Security Tips

We put together some guidelines to protect your debit card information at different locations.

Using your Card

At points of sale (POS):
You can use your debit cards to pay for goods and services at retails outlets on POS terminals.

Ensure that:

  1. Ensure that you have signed on the signature panel on the cards as and when cards are received
  2. Memorise Card Verification Value [CVV] number which is the last three digits number printed on the backside of the card and blacken it so as to be not to be visible to onlookers
  3. Your card and the POS machine are always in sight while making the payment, If possible,  ask the sales teller if you can swipe/insert the card yourself
  4. Ensure that cards are used at reputed / reliable merchant outlets only
  5. Ensure that card is swiped at the POS terminal in your presence
  6. After swiping, ensure that the card returned is the actual and right one, preserve the receipt received from the merchant establishment
  7. Register with the Bank to receive SMS alerts on usage of card
  8. You regularly check your account statement and transactions

At the ATM:
You can use your debit cards to deposit/withdraw cash and other services at the ATM.

Ensure that:

  1. Ensure that the card is safely preserved at all times
  2. Do not share the PIN number with anyone nor write it on the card / anywhere, or kept in your wallet
  3. Do not take assistance from any unknown person particularly strangers for using ATMs
  4. Change the PIN periodically
  5. Count the cash collected to confirm correctness
  6. Ensure that the transaction slips received from the ATMs are shredded before discarding
  7. Do not leave the ATM cabin without taking back the card
  8. Report to the Call Centre on the number displayed, in case, the card is captured by the ATM or if any discrepancy is noticed in the transactions
  9. Immediately report to the Call Centre if the card is misplaced / lost
  10. There are no unfamiliar devices attached to the ATM.
  11. There are no persons peeping over your shoulder for your PIN
  12. You take your card and transaction slip with you
  13. You regularly check your account statement and transactions