Deposit Schemes

Baghat Saving Deposit Scheme

Now you can earn a higher income on your surplus funds by investing those with us. We provide security, trust and competitive rate of interest.

  • Flexibility in choosing the amount you wish to invest and the maturity period.
  • Affordable Low Minimum Deposit Amount: You can open a term deposit with BUCB for a nominal amount of Rs.500/- only.

  • Flexibility in period of term deposit from 7 days to any years.
  • Interest is taxable

Savings Deposits

Savings Deposit  - 2.70% per annum

Term Deposit

We are offering the following interest rates on the deposits, as on 27th February, 2023

Interest Rate Chart 


INDIVIDUAL/ Co.Op.Hsg & Trust


7 to 45 days
46 to 179 days 4.50% 5.00%
180 to 210 days
211 to less than 365 days
12 months to less than 24 months
24 months to less thanb 36 months
36 months to less than 60 months
60 months and above

On premature of deposit 1% penalty shall imposed on interest applicable for the period

A special "Baghat Bank Deposit Scheme" for senior citizen introduces to pay an additional premium of 50bps over and above the existing 50bps will be paid to Senior Citizen on their deposit for 5 year and above.

* Citizen who attains the age of 60 years and above will submit the Age Proof to get benefit of higher interest rates.

Terms and Conditions

(On premature, penalty of 1% shall be applicable for the period the deposit remained with the bank. At the time of fresh FDR, the option of automatic renewal must be obtained from the depositor.)

  1. No joint account will be open in the case of Senior Citizens except husband & wife, if opened, the  interest rate benefits of senior citizens will not be given.

  2. In the absence of specific instruction the interest will be paid at saving bank rate.

  3. In case of automatic renewal if depositor wants to premature the term deposit or renew for period shorter than the remaining period of contract, the rules of premature will remain in force.

  4. Obtain form 15G/15H from the customer otherwise deduct TDS where applicable.

On Loan against Bank's own deposit as under :-

  1. If loan raised by the depositors himself/herself 1% extra interest shall be applicable.

  2. If loan raised by a person against third party deposit, 2% extra interest shall be applicable.

  3. Margin of the loan/limit against deposit with deposit does not exceeds 85% of the current value of the deposit.

  4. In case of loan/limit against deposit, if multiple depsoits at diffrent rate are kept as security then the interest charged will be calculated at weighted average rate of the deposits.

  5. FDR's willbe adjusted in loans account with amount outstanding on the date of meturity  of the FDR's or the FDR's will be renewed for at least for another one year and interest charged in loan account shall be at revised rate.

  6. The amount of loan plus interest will not exceed the principle plus interest of FDR's. In any case it exceeds then interest @16% p.a.